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Face Painter in Fayetteville
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Frequently Asked Questions About Face Painting:


Q: What is face painting?

     A: Face painting is a magical way of turning a regular boy or girl into a fantasy

         creation by painting his/her face using face paints.  :-)


Q: What paints are used and are they safe?

     A:  I use only face paints that are FDA compliant and made for use on the skin.  The

          “paints” are actually theatrical make-up and safe to use around the eyes and mouth. 

          No product can be guaranteed to be “reaction free;” however, every precaution is

          taken to make sure every child is safe and free from allergic reactions.


Q: How do I remove the face paints?

     A:  These face paints can be removed with soap and water.


Q: Do you travel outside of the Fayetteville area?

     A:  Yes.  Longer distances may incur a 2 hour minimum booking and/or a travel fee.  

          Each event is different, so call for a quote, and book as early as possible.


Q: What do you charge?

     A: Every party or event is different.  Distances, non-profits, and time desired are all factors that are part

          of the total cost. Please call for a quote.  Book in advance - weekends book quickly.


Q: How long should I book my event for to accommodate my guests?

     A:  I average 10-12 full faces an hour which is the “standard” among professional face painters. 

          That is 5-6 minutes per child.  Sometimes the longest time is taken getting the child to decide

          what he/she wants and getting them seated.  :-)  I find that with some gentle coaxing and

          some suggestions, I can keep the line moving well.  If you are working with special needs

          children, please plan for longer times.


Q: What parts of the body do you paint?

     A:  Faces, arms, legs, hands.  Most any part of the body which can be exposed in public.  I reserve

           the right to say, “No, pick another spot.”  :-)